Long-lost traditional arts

Hand-sourced finely crafted textiles, jewellery and clothing from South America, directly from the artisans.

Remarkable weavings

Hand-woven backstrap belts, ponchos and throws, meticulously detailed with memorised symbology

Stunning silver

Hand-worked silver jewellery direct from the artisans

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Why Tukuru Textiles?

Traditionally Made

Our items have been made with love and care using traditional techniques – be it gourd carving, backstrap weaving, or silversmithing. These unique skills are often passed down through generations, and in some cases, sadly, are in danger of being lost forever due to industrial manufacturing and mass production. Buy purchasing directly from the craftspeople themselves, we help to maintain a demand for traditional skills and techniques.

Fairly Traded

We do our best to keep things fair by personally purchasing our products directly from the artisan or craftsperson. Fair Trade is a fundamental aspect of our business, and by buying directly, we know everyone is happy - our money directly benefits those who continue to make high quality items using traditional techniques.

Sourced with Care

We travel to specific areas of South America where certain crafts are uniquely made, often finding a whole community that is supported by one specific craft – a town famed for it’s traditional weaving, or a tiny dirt road amongst the Andean foothills where the finest gourds are carved. It's by taking the time to travel to these locations that we can ensure the highest quality and most authentic traditional peruvian weavings for sale.

Stunning traditional textiles

Exotic textiles, jewellery and clothing from South America

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