About Tukuru Textiles

Here at Tukuru Textiles we aim to promote traditional Andean crafts sourced directly from the producers. This way of trading ensures that the people who produce these items get a fair price for their work, and we can learn about each specific item and it’s history.

We travel to specific areas of South America where certain crafts are uniquely made, often a whole community that is supported by one specific craft – a town famed for it’s traditional weaving or a tiny dirt road amongst the Andean foothills where the finest gourds are carved.

It is humbling in this day and age to see people so proud of their craft and heritage. Unfortunately fewer and fewer adolescents are taking up the trades of their elders. Techniques, designs and oral histories which have been passed down through generations are being lost. Our goal is to continue to support craftspeople, to pass on their stories and traditional techniques to you. Whether it’s a stunning piece of handmade filigree silver jewellery or a traditional backstrap woven cloth, they have been lovingly made using only simple tools and an incredible lifelong dedication & diligence. If you would like any further information about any of the products that we sell, or if you or your group are interested in learning more about traditional weaving techniques, styles and motifs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always more than happy to help.