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Village scenes – medium gourd

Village scenes

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Fine, hand carved gourd. Medium sized.

Product Description

Medium hand carved gourd, from Cochas Grande, Huancayo. Incredible detail, beautiful patterns and scenes from village life. An unusually finely decorated gourd with intricate panels between daily life.

These gourds, or mate burilados as they’re known in Peru, are lovingly carved by hand with nothing more a very sharp nail (yep, the ones you use to hang your pictures up) and skill from years of practice. Once carved, ash is rubbed into the designs to make them prominent, before being cleaned and lightly oiled.

The art of gourd carving is passed on through each generation.The designs are inspired by the carvers surroundings, traditions and stories from the village, and images are always carved directly onto the gourds.

Height 13cm, width 14cm

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