Animal Belt - Tukuru Textiles
Animal Belt - Tukuru Textiles

Animal Belt

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Animal Belt.

This belt or chumpi is hand woven on a backstrap loom in the Sacred Valley region in the Peruvian Andes. It depicts local animals such as the condor, lizards, serpents and monkeys.

The chumpi or belt is very important to Peruvian people. It is worn by men and women and it is also used for swaddling babies. Women use it to fasten and hold their skirts, and they also weave some chumpis specially to give birth on as is the tradition. Men use it for tying their trousers and chumpis of a larger width are used as a back support when lifting and working out in the fields.

Each village has it's own unique design which distinguishes them from the next. A mother will pass on these designs if her children become weavers. Unfortunately less young people are taking up the tradition and unique patterns and designs are being lost.

Size 4 x 120 cm.