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Natural dye purse

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Natural dye purse

From Chinchero, Peru. Hand woven on a backstrap loom and dyed using natural dyes. This purse is super soft to the touch, with a high percentage of alpaca blended with cotton to produce this yarn.

Dyes used - lichen for orange, ch'illca a leafy plant for green, conchineal insect for red, and a mix of tara (bean like pod) and colpa (local form of iron sulphate) for blue.

Size 19 x 10 xcm

Made by the women and men of Chinchero who are part of the not for profit group, The Centre for Traditional Textiles of Cuzco, or CTTC. The CTTC was established in 1996 by Nilda Callanuapa Alvarez to insure the survival of Peruvian Inca textiles and weaving traditions. Working with the Centre, Quechua speaking women and their families in the region of the former Inca capital are engaged in skill building, community networking and market development. By researching and documenting complex styles and techniques of Inca ancestors, the Centre helps to ensure that 2,000 year old textile traditions will not be lost and may be enjoyed and appreciated for generations to come.